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Reclaim your sexual self and feminine power.

It’s time to get to know your sexual self and desires so you can have autonomy in all areas of your life.

Yep, we went straight in there. Because here’s the thing… As women, we face and create huge expectations for ourselves throughout our entire lives. You must be a good girl, daughter, friend, colleague, wife, mum, grandmother—often prioritising everyone else’s needs above your own.

But what about your own needs? Do you even understand what they are? Are you leading a connected and aligned life rather than being tied to the constraints of society? And how do you unlock your feminine power and reclaim your sense of self?

Well, it starts right here.

Let’s press the unmute button.

All this taboo and tiptoeing around the subject of sex doesn’t help anyone, least of all you. And whilst sexual empowerment can absolutely mean having a ton of sex, it doesn’t have to…

You can be having sex with 20 people a week, performing every act in the kama sutra, and still not be sexually empowered. Because what it all comes down to is power and autonomy. Doing what YOU want and what makes you feel good. 

This is your safe space to start talking about sex. To communicate your desires. To explore what feels good for you. And most of all, to take back control and feel truly ALIVE again.


[Lil·ith | ˈli-ləth] verb.

To lead a connected and aligned life, in touch with your own self, your needs, desires and your feminine and sexual energy.

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Lilith's story...

If you’ve never heard of Lilith before, she’s about to become a huge part of your life. So, who is she?

The first wife of Adam (before Eve), created by God from the same clay as Adam, as equals. Asserting equality with her husband, she refused to subordinate herself to him and decided to leave Eden.

But Lilith’s extraordinary story was quickly erased in favour of Eve’s (*yawn*) who was created by God, this time from Adam’s rib, as a “helper suitable for Adam” (Genesis 2:18). Lucky her…

What happened to Lilith?

Allegedly, she decided to hang out with Satan instead for an eternity of pleasures and amazing sex… hell yes!

Long vilified for her defiance to Adam as a demon, Lilith has more recently been celebrated as an icon of female independence and feminine power. In mystic circles, she’s celebrated as the Goddess she deserves to be. She strips the notion of the “nice, people-pleasing, good girl”.

She is the embodiment of sacred feminine sexual power. She carries the keys to the very deepest, most secret parts of a woman’s spiritual-erotic essence.

…And she is YOU.

Hi, I’m Marie

Certified Sex Coach, Certified Life Coach, Clinical Sexologist and advocate for exploring your sexual desires and embracing pleasure!

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Fancy getting away from the grind of daily life, prioritise your goddess self and explore at your own pace? Join our sexual wellbeing programs, tailored to empower women through education, resources and fun, in collaboration with other female experts on marriage, motherhood, divorce, menopause, chronic illnesses…

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Feeling hot under the collar but want to experience your enlightenment journey from a distance for now?

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