3 movies that explore sexuality

My awkward sexual adventure

A cute (and rather funny) comedy with cool tips to learn from Jordan’s own sexual discovery journey, initiated and guided by the beautiful, experienced and knowledgeable stripper Julia – including trips to massage parlors, S&M toys, cross-dressing and of course, the art of giving a good cunnilingus and pleasuring a woman. Nothing awkward about that!


We women have a lot to thank Kinsey for. Did you know that this pioneer sexologist undertook the first ground-breaking research in human sexuality and sexual behaviors in the 50s in the US? The data-based evidence he and his team gathered and analyzed was mind-blowing! It did confirm that masturbation is indeed a very important stage in getting to know our sexuality and (wait for this) that “the insistence on vaginal orgasm was an expression of male dominance”. His revolutionary findings directly challenged (and still do) the Freudian orthodoxy. (I’ll be posting a video about this shortly). He also emphasized “that the orgasm cannot be taken as the sole criterion for determining the degree of satisfaction which a female may derive from sexual activity”…Worth finding out more about his life no?

The Art of Loving: Story of Michalina Wislocka

This movie relates the true story of Michalina Wislocka, the most famous and recognized sexologist of Poland in the 70s, who fought against morally conservative socialist censorship for the right to publish her book “the Art of Loving” the first guide to sexual life in a communist country. The book became a bestseller and started greater openness about matters of sex and sex life in Poland. Two other interesting facts about Michalina: she had 13 children (question about how effective her practical advice on contraception was) and she lived long enough to see the change about sexuality in Polish society, gaining the nickname of mother of Polish sexuality as a result

Picture of Marie Morice

Marie Morice

Marie is a Certified Sex Coach, Life Coach and Clinical Sexologist. Her mission is to create a safe space for women to explore their sexual selves and reclaim their feminine power which she does through which she does through 1:1 coaching and sexual wellness programs. She strongly believes that sex gets to feel good and that by having autonomy in this area of our lives, we can have autonomy in every area of our life.

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