I’m Marie,

And I’m here to help you reclaim your sexual self and feminine power by connecting and aligning your life with your true needs and desires.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But it’s more than good… (And I think we’re done with the word ‘good’ round here!)

I know right now you might be feeling less than sexy, caught up in a life of doing things for others, and putting your own needs at the bottom of the pile.

But actually addressing this part of you will completely transform every part of your life - not just your bedroom antics.

Your libido might be at the lowest level of your life, or it might be through the roof. But wherever you’re at, it’s time to put you back on top where you belong! 

Sex gets to feel good.

From a young age, it’s been instilled in us that sex is risky. Sex education in school was all about putting condoms on bananas to learn how to protect yourself from disease and pregnancy. Right?! But it never touched upon pleasure, your sexual desires, or how to make sex feel good for you and your body. 

Instead of shouting what we want from the rooftops, we often keep quiet or don’t allow ourselves to explore that side of us for fear of judgement, shame, or embarrassment. 

I want you to be able to voice your needs and desires, intimately or loudly, and honour the part of you that deserves to be heard. Because take it from me, once you do, you’ll be unstoppable.

Lilithing your Life

Hearing about Lilith’s story not only deeply resonated with me – it was a revelation!

Celebrated as a figure of female and sexual empowerment for her rebellious actions in the Garden of Eden, she’s actually so much more than that. She’s about self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love. She’s about asserting what you want effectively. And she’s about embracing every part of your sexuality and sense of self. 

For too long, we’ve been allowing ourselves to feel guilty about putting our uncensored needs and desires out there. But no more. This is your time to step out from the shadows, spread your wings, and fly. 

About me

explicit sexual content warning - this website is for age 18 and up

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