Sex Coaching Video Series – Week 4: Sex Coaching vs Sex Therapy

Hi everyone. Welcome back! It’s Marie, your sex coach in training.

So last time, we defined what sex coaching is all about. 

Today, I want to focus on what sex coaching is not, and how it differs to traditional sex therapy 

  • It’s not a cover for prostitution (sorry to disappoint!)
  • Nor is it a cover for escort or massage parlour services
  • And nope, it’s not about sexual surrogacy either
  • Sex coaching is its own profession and differs to traditional sex therapy in many ways: 
  • With sex therapy work, the focus tends to look backward into a client’s past to figure out the ‘why’ part of things by examining childhood and family origin issues
  • With sex coaching, the focus is on the ‘how’ and “now” and on where the client would like to go, by setting goals and establishing an action plan to get there
  • Whilst sex coaches understand that the past informs who we are in the present, we also believe that the past doesn’t dictate who we are and who we become
  • Sex coaching is client-led and does not try to fix people: it is the client who truly drives the process, by co-creating the pathway to achieve their goals, in collaboration with the coach
  • The most critical distinction between traditional sex therapy and sex coaching is that sex coaching is a non-medical approach. This departs from a “medical” or “mental health”  or “disease” model of assessment that relies on diagnoses and treatment of sexual issues as pathology
  • Having said that, clients can also sometimes benefit from a referral out to another trained specialist (in case of traumatic past experiences for example), including GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, massage therapists, chiropractors and so on 
  • A good, qualified sex coach will be able to recognise when a client needs to be referred and will maintain an extensive resource and referral base for their clients

That’s it for now, take care, stay tuned and see you next week!

Here is last weeks video in case you missed it! – Sex Coaching Video Series – Week 3: What is sex coaching?

Picture of Marie Morice

Marie Morice

Marie is a Certified Sex Coach, Life Coach and Clinical Sexologist. Her mission is to create a safe space for women to explore their sexual selves and reclaim their feminine power which she does through which she does through 1:1 coaching and sexual wellness programs. She strongly believes that sex gets to feel good and that by having autonomy in this area of our lives, we can have autonomy in every area of our life.

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