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Women and desire: Beyond wanting to be wanted – Polly Young-Eisendrath

Women and desire: Beyond wanting to be wanted – Polly Young-Eisendrath

This book was offered to me by one of my best friends, who then tragically died in a helicopter accident. This friend (and still today) played a pivotal role in my life and introduced me to feminism, female desire and empowerment. I’ve offered this book many times over to my female and male friends. My friend and this book are part of the inspiration behind my coaching practice.

“Many years ago the famous French psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan said that women want to be wanted, not to be loved. Now, in her fascinating book about female desire and empowerment, internationally renowned Jungian analyst and author Polly Young-Eisendrath explores this idea further. Women look to others to provide them with confidence, happiness and self-esteem. This reliance produces a need to please others, in order to receive praise. We please others by trying to conform to an image, rather than finding out what our real needs are. If this image conflicts with our inner needs we can become resentful, frustrated and out of control. Often we deal with this unhappiness by trying even harder to make ourselves the kind of spouse, lover, mother or worker who is wanted and desired. We have to abandon these female images and discover our own real needs, without fear or shame. Only by learning to voice these needs clearly, and meet them from within, can we escape the cycle of ‘wanting to be wanted’”

Find out more about Women and desire: Beyond wanting to be wanted by Polly Young-Eisendrath here

Manara Erotica: Click! And Other Stories – Milo Manara (4 Volumes)

Manara Erotica: Click! And Other Stories – Milo Manara (4 Volumes)

I discovered these comic books in my late teens, at someone’s house. They were on the top shelves away from the prying eye. I was only able to get a short glimpse before I had to hand them back, but to this day they remain one of the most erotic, arousing, and sexually charged medium I have come across. The story of the heroine slowly taking control of her own body and discovering her sexual desires to the point of an explosive no return is beyond powerful. 

“A master of storytelling and of the human form, Manara has created some of the sexiest comics ever published, in which a beautiful but passionless woman who is married to an older, rich man. After she is abducted by a scientist and a remote-controlled device is surgically implanted into her brain, its activation makes her unlock her inner lustfulness and she become sexually insatiable. The three sequels roughly follow a similar story.”\

Find out more about Manara Erotica: Click! And Other Stories by Milo Manara here

The Change – Kirsten Miller 

The Change – Kirsten Miller 

One of my latest reads – I really enjoyed this feminist thriller and magical tale about these three incredible (and vulnerable) women experiencing midlife menopausal changes. Whilst they all learn to channel their energies and empower themselves and other women through their journeys, Harriet’s own sexual and feminine power (and toyboy) really resonated and inspired me. And made me laugh – A LOT!

“In the Long Island oceanfront community of Mattauk, three different women discover that midlife changes bring a whole new type of empowerment…”

Find out more about The Change by Kirsten Miller here

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Marie is a Certified Sex Coach, Life Coach and Clinical Sexologist. Her mission is to create a safe space for women to explore their sexual selves and reclaim their feminine power which she does through which she does through 1:1 coaching and sexual wellness programs. She strongly believes that sex gets to feel good and that by having autonomy in this area of our lives, we can have autonomy in every area of our life.

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