Sex Coaching Video Series – Week 1: What is sexology?

So, what is sexology?

Sexual expression and sexual intimacy are crucial components of human life and important aspects of healthy living.

Yet, according to recent statistics, sex is often problematic and certainly not satisfying for many men and women. Sexually dissatisfied people are searching for quick-fix solutions.

Despite sex being a constant focus of attention in society, it remains the most misunderstood form of human expression and behavior.

And that’s exactly what sexology is about: the study of human sexual behaviour (sexuality) to understand how people think and feel about sex.

Watch my video explanation of sexology above.

If you are interested in learning more about sexology, check out more of my free sexology resources.

Next in the Sex Coaching Video Series – Week 2: What is life coaching?

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Marie Morice

Marie is a Certified Sex Coach, Life Coach and Clinical Sexologist. Her mission is to create a safe space for women to explore their sexual selves and reclaim their feminine power which she does through which she does through 1:1 coaching and sexual wellness programs. She strongly believes that sex gets to feel good and that by having autonomy in this area of our lives, we can have autonomy in every area of our life.

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